Biodegradable Disposable Bamboo Knives

Item Biodegradable Disposable Bamboo Knives
Material Bamboo
Size 170mm
Package 100 pieces/bag,50 bags/ctn
Custom Package Yes
Supplier EcoAmaz


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Eco-Amaz is a reputable Disposable Bamboo knife manufacturers & suppliers. Our bamboo knife is ideal for the environment because it is completely biodegradable. It comes from sustainable wood sources; all the trees used were replaced and regrown. Now, you can provide cutlery to your consumers without worrying about the environment. We ensure to provide users with the best quality. All of our products are chemical-free. Therefore, they are ideal for various purposes and uses.

Buy Quality Bulk Disposable Bamboo Knife in China

As a leading supplier and manufacturer, we provide our users with the best quality. Our disposable knives comprise 100% natural bamboo and heavy-duty compostable cornstarch, all biodegradable. Disposable Bamboo Knives suppliers offer simple and fashionable hot and cold food solutions for home usage, takeout, and premium entertaining.

We make products only from organic bamboo, certified yearly, and a rich renewable source. This bamboo tool is an excellent alternative to plastic utensils and will help you reduce your environmental impact. Its appealing bamboo design will give your food presentation a natural touch while being durable. Our wooden cutlery is available in both coating and non-coating finishes. It is Food-safe, non-toxic, and has a compostable carnauba wax coating. We make wood knives wholesale disposable cutlery using elegant and safe bamboo. Thus, it is stylish, cheap, and environmentally friendly.

Eco-Friendly 100% Natural Bamboo Knives In Bulk

Our Disposable Bamboo knife manufacturers & suppliers offers eco friendly bamboo knives that are the best options for picnics, workplace or dinner parties, special events, weddings, or café or restaurants. Also, It is appropriate for composting. They won’t harm the environment and will biodegrade. Additionally, this utensil is excellent for large catering events or parties because of its disposable and compostable nature. It’s ideal for any cafe, food stand, fast food place, food truck, or grocery store because of its lightweight, disposable design!

Thus, it allows your clients to enjoy the food you serve without sacrificing flavor. Moreover, it is ideal with both hot and cold food, including fish and chips, meat, vegetables, pies, jacket potatoes, etc., for event catering, weddings, parties, special events, picnics, takeout, cafes, restaurants, street food vendors, staff canteens, offices, etc.

One of our most popular reusable wood knives wholesale disposable cutlery is ideal for various occasions. We have a wide range of knife sets available in bulk boxes for multiple uses. Also, these knives and spoons are the perfect convenience item to have on hand for a backyard BBQ or a catered event.

Disposable Bamboo Cutlery Knife Manufacturer – Eco Amaz

We are Disposable Bamboo Knives manufacturers & suppliers of trustworthy, eco-friendly, and BPA-free biodegradable disposable hardwood cutlery to conserve the living environment. We have an experienced team who ensure the maximum safety of each product. Thus, we ensure to meet each client’s unique needs by providing them with long-lasting, durable, and reliable knives. Eco Amaz is always ready to help customers and protect the environment.

Our wholesale offers allow buyers to purchase disposable bamboo knives and skewers in large quantities at a low cost. We welcome your inquiries if you’d like more details about our compostable bamboo knives and supplies or if you have questions regarding our offerings and costs.