Biodegradable Disposable Bamboo Paper Bowls

Item Biodegradable Disposable Bamboo Paper Bowls
Material Bamboo
Volume 12oz,18oz,24oz,
Custom Package Yes
Supplier EcoAmaz


Wholesale Biodegradable Disposable Paper Bowl Suppliers ,Factory, Manufacturer

Are your environmentally wholesale Biodegradable Disposable Paper Bowl suppliers? Our bowls are made of unbleached wheat straw fibres, which are completely renewable. Thus, it reduces the carbon footprint compared to plastic or foam bowls.  Eco-amaz paper bowls have pressed fibre with soak-proof, and serving hot food in them may cause little condensation on the bottom of the bowls. They are safe up to 180° F and have plant-based fibre from wheat straw

Our Bamboo bowls have a natural antibacterial feature that makes them resistant to odour absorption and prevents bacteria growth. They make fantastic salad bowl sets since they do not retain the aroma of greasy salad dressings. Also, they are microwave-safe and liquid-resistant. Our biodegradable bowls  provide various options when serving meals on throwaway tableware. Despite being made from paper, the bowls are durable and can be used for various applications, including food service, outdoor events, and picnics.

This Bamboo Bowl is a trendy and natural alternative to plastic and foam. We provide you with a genuine environmentally friendly solution with our bamboo fibre bowls that is sure to please. This bamboo bowl is microwave safe and great for hot and cold foods. So, you can contact us now!

Wholesale Compostable And Disposable Paper Bowls In China

Eco-Amaz has the best bowls that help minimize air pollution while also adding value to the material. Our Biodegradable paper bowls are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for outdoor activities and busy restaurants and cafes. We supply them in bulk to various vendors with printed logos, designs, and other custom features, making them ideal for businesses and organizations looking to promote their brands.

We built our plates and bowls based on creativity and functionality with food delivery and sustainability in mind. You can choose a perfect solution for your business that is grease-proof, leak-proof, eco-friendly, and built for hot or cold foods. Our bowls and plates are a terrific alternative for providing an exceptional customer experience and enhancing your business image.

These one-use bowls are simple to dispose of and ideal for those concerned about the environment. The throwaway bowls supplied on the site are inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to store. One of the best things about our disposable paper bowls is the natural sources’ composition. Thus, it guarantees that all compostable bowls are fresh, clean, and ready to use. When making something as sensitive as containers for food, Eco-Amaz sources these one-use paper bowls from the most reputable vendors and manufacturers. We have proper hygiene quality during the manufacturing process, making our bowls safe.

100% Eco-Friendly Paper Bowl Biodegradable At An Affordable Price

Wholesale Biodegradable Disposable Paper Bowl suppliers provide the best environmentally friendly products. Our bowls are composed of natural pulps and materials. Also, they do not contain any petrochemical compounds such as plastic or other allied goods, which are typically not recommended for serving hot foods. 

Moreover, these nonreusable paper bowls with natural pulp and plant-based substances have no harmful effects. Also, it is reasonable to conclude that they have no negative impact on the hygiene of those who use them.

Compostable bowls are adaptable, but they offer any table a fashionable, natural aesthetic. These items are durable, biodegradable materials, making them an excellent alternative for environmentally conscious enterprises. Most importantly, we provide low costs, allowing you to stock up on everything you need without worrying about the price. Browse our paper bowls, plates, and platters for similar items.

So, order these biodegradable disposable bowls right now. Get a convenient and hassle-free solution to meet your needs, but you will also be helping to keep the environment green.