Disposable Drum type household degradable garbage bag

Item Disposable Drum Type Household Degradable Garbage Bag
Material Biological Starch + Polyethylene
Style Flat
Color Green, Blue, Orange, Gray
Custom Package Yes
Supplier EcoAmaz


Wholesale Household Degradable Garbage Bag Suppliers

When it comes to keeping our houses and the environment clean, household garbage bags are necessary. At Eco-Amaz wholesale household degradable garbage bag suppliers, we offer an eco-friendly option that is durable and degrades over time to minimize its impact on the environment.

Our degradable garbage bags contain various biodegradable materials, including cornstarch, vegetable oil, and plant-based materials. They break down naturally, leaving no harmful residue or pollutants behind. Our bags also withstand the rigors of everyday use. So you don’t have to worry about them tearing or breaking under the weight of your garbage.

Eco-Friendly Wholesale Compostable Trash Bags 

Eco-Amaz provides the best quality, organic, and eco-friendly bags. Our unique bags are highly cost-effective as they contain a special biodegradable substance used by Polystar is created from PLA bioplastic. Also, it has a far lower carbon footprint than conventional plastic during production. Plus, they can be shaped in various appealing ways to meet your needs. People can use them multiple times and recycle them for different purposes. 

Eventually, Wholesale Compostable Trash Bags break down easily and don’t add to landfills. Due to this natural process, no forced chemical reaction is necessary. Our biodegradable bags are safer for users because they contain natural materials. Additionally, using biodegradable polymers reduces the need for petroleum.

Also, they are resealable, keeping food fresh, reducing moisture contamination, and preventing spills. Thus, it keeps food or products fresh and reduces dangerous effects like poisoning. Our bags do not emit harmful chemicals when they break down, making them a safer option for your family.

100% Recyclable, Biodegradable Garbage Bag 

Eco-Amaz presents highly versatile bags for multiple purposes in bulk for commercial and industrial settings. They are useful trash bags for grocery shopping. These bags also help to carry food waste or specific compostable materials. People can place them in bins as an alternative to conventional plastic bags.

They look similar to typical kitchen garbage bags due to their petroleum-based composition. Our Biodegradable Garbage bag is the best choice for storing your goods and comes with a warranty. It prevents leaks thanks to the Bio Bag bottom seal.

Additionally, you can depend on these certified biodegradable bags because they have been non-GMO Project verified, which means that there is no need to worry about cross-contamination. Further, they come in various styles, including aluminum foil packs that are entirely odor-proof and may be used to transport cooked or raw foods.

Eco-Amaz Degradable Garbage Bag All-in-one solution

Eco Amaz is the leading provider of biodegradable bags with years of experience providing quality products. Our bags are unique as they come with ASTM approval, OkCompost, and DIN CERTCO EN13432. Thus, all the products meet the high standards of the market. 

We commit to using only materials that are completely natural and biodegradable. Our items include no plastic at all! We can satisfy every request you make. Thanks to our extensive range of services. When you buy in large quantities, saving money is simple! For use in restaurants or break rooms, buy high-density waste bags. Purchase low-density trash packs for offices.

Buy waste bags in bulk today to serve several needs. We offer various colors, shapes, and styles in various ways. Get the greatest providers from us right away for a one-stop shop.